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Update on the twins!

Who doesn’t enjoy a baby photo – it’s second only to actually holding them!  So here is a short update – with photos – on the Mwangi twins.  You’re welcome!

Hi everyone 😊

The twins will be 5 weeks tomorrow! They are growing fast, both almost 8lbs now. Attached are 2 photos, in both photos Jeremiah is on the left and Daniel is on the right.

We are all doing well, the nights are tough going but we are managing with that as best we can. We’ve had help from Gerald’s family and Louise’s parents are here at the minute, the boys are bringing a lot of joy to everyone!

Thank you very much for messages of congratulations, we really appreciate them even though we can’t easily reply right now! Thank you too for prayers, we can see how God is sustaining us and making these boys strong and healthy and without too many extended crying episodes…for which we are very grateful 🙂

TransformD arrive back tonight from Samburu, they will have a debrief for a couple of days then have a break at home before resuming the last phase on 20th May. Gerald is looking forward to hearing their reflections and what they have learnt.

Love from

Gerald, Louise, Jeremiah and Daniel.