Where: Church
When: Every Sunday
Time: 10.30am – 11.30am

Sunday School



Start time is 10:30 for Sunday School and this means that we meet in the Church (not the church hall).
The first portion of the service will focus on our children and then they, with their teachers, will move to the church hall.
The children will have the opportunity to do a range of activities similar to previous years.
They will be picked up at 11:30 from the church hall.
Please be assured that Sunday School teachers will be waiting at the church door every Sunday for your children, and we shall sit together as a Sunday School during our time in church. All teachers will be wearing lanyards so they are easily identified.
On the fourth Sunday of each month, the Sunday School will stay in church for the duration of the Family Service, and will take an active role in leading prayers, praise and reading.

We are a bible based Sunday School and are passionate in wanting to teach the children in a way which they will enjoy and understand. We want the children to think back in years to come and remember even something of what they have learnt about the Lord and their need for salvation.

We are also keen for the children to learn about serving the Lord and others, so we host fund raising breakfasts and lunches where the children are all so enthusiastic in helping. Through Sunday School we sponsor 3 children, Samrawit, Misgana and Danait in Mekele Ethiopia and the children and teachers pray regularly for these children as well as supporting them financially.

Each year the Sunday School take part in a Christmas Service. At the end of May we have a Family Fun Night and Barbeque at the hall where we have loads of fun together not only as a Sunday School family but as part of our Parish family. So from bible stories to Easter Egg Hunts, from choruses to quizzes and memory verses to bible charades we have lots of things going on in our Sunday School.

We love to see new faces arrive at Sunday School and to watch the children as they grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord.

Proverbs 22 verse 6 says “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”.

If you are interested in involving your children in Sunday School, please feel free to contact Polly Boyd on 07736295273.

Please download and complete the registration form and hand in to one of the teachers

Child registration form 19-20

Dates for 2020

Sunday 24th May                       Sunday School Prize Giving


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Our Sunday school sponsors three children from Operation Rescue. (See ORE page to find out more). We are very excited about this project and encourage the children to pray every week for these kids. We get to hear updates and see pictures of how they are doing! It has been such a great way to teach the children about giving.

Shannon Boyd, one of our Sunday School teachers, has visited the project a number of times and writes about her experience.

We were able to bring out money that allowed the kids to go and pick out a new pair of shoes and whatever clothes they wanted. This is a very rare thing in Ethiopia so you can imagine their excitement. We brought out pictures of our Sunday school children holding photos of Misgana and Samrawit. We told them that every week we pray for them and that they are famous in our church.

Danait is now about six years old and came into the project in November 2015. Father and mother no longer live together. Mother is very stressed because of the life they lead. She makes handicrafts to earn some income for the family but only earns c 250 birr a month (c£8). She has an eye problem and does not have a regular job. She has not had any health problems since she came into the project. She finished in the kindergarten in June, having shown herself to be very clever and in September moves to Grade 1. Mother and two children live in a rented house of one room with a cement floor and just one bed. They have access to electricity, water and a toilet in their compound.
A recent repor suggested that mother was very stressed and left home and there is no certainty about where she is.


Samrawit  is 9 years old. I had the pleasure of going out to see Samrawit’s house and meet her mother and one brother and sister. She is a very loving child but unfortunately last year she was involved in a terrible accident. One night when she was sleeping at home a burglar came in and threw a rock which hit her forehead. She had to have surgery and it is still causing her a lot of problems. She has frequent nose bleeds and cannot attend school everyday. This troubled me greatly when I met her as she is such a happy child and this just seems so unfair. Unfortunately she is too young for a further operation so she has to wait another couple of years. We are thankful that Samrawit is sponsored because our small donation each month helped cover medical bills; it is hard to think of where she would be if she didn’t have ORE. Please continue to pray for healing. Samrawit’s family are Orthodox so please also pray for their salvation.

Misgana jpg

Misgana is the most beautiful boy you will ever meet; his smile just lights up an entire room! He has just finished his exams and is working very hard in his school studies. Misgana’s name means thankfulness and I am so thankful that I got to meet his family. This was the first house that we went into that were Christian and had a strong faith in God. We got to pray and sing with them. His father is an evangelist and they are very involved in their church. It was a great encouragement to us. Misgana couldn’t take in that people he has never met before pray for him continually. We praise God for him as he is such a joy and light to all of his friends. Please pray that he will continue to live out his Christianity boldly throughout his teenage years.


Samrawit 2


Sponsorship is an amazing gift and truly transforms lives. It takes the poorest of children off the streets and gives them a hope for their future. It costs just £20 a month and provides the child with education, a hot meal every day, school resources, extra curricular tuition and health care. Unfortunately in Mekele there are hundreds of children who aren’t as fortunate as Misgana and Samrawit. It is our prayer and vision that more children will be sponsored and given an opportunity to break the poverty cycle. If you would like to find out more information please contact sboyder4@hotmail.co.uk