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ORE Container Shipment Update

Thank you to everyone for the interest in this project over the last few weeks.
We planned to send a few cartons of clothes to ORE but things have progressed further!
We have now purchased a shipping  container and will pack it during November for onward shipping to Makelle.
We have  been given over 5000 shirts and recently we were given 20 computers by a Lurgan based charity which will be invaluable for the IT classrooms. They even packed the boxes out with children’s knitwear. It is so humbling to be involved with people who have such giving hearts.
Kate Doherty is in Mekelle and has been sending us information about other items that would be appreciated if we can source them.
These include
Folding chairs and tables
Outdoor play material for small kids
Sheets and Towels
Children’s bicycles
Also laptops for the older students to use in university
Thank you so much to all those who have contributed to the cost of the container and the shipping. We will keep posting updates and continue to ask for prayer that God will bless in abundance through this outreach.