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Operation Rescue is a child care project.

It is a non profit-making Christian-based charity and a non Governmental Organization (NGO).

It was founded in the year 2000, and works in Ethiopia and Brazil for the well-being and development of orphaned and extremely poor children, using a non-institutionalised ”Community Based“ care approach.

The organization’s objective is to take orphans, street children and extremely poor children from their vulnerable situation and to help them to achieve their maximum potential – academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The ”Community Based“ approach means that such children live with their extended family or relatives, or with members of the community. They attend local schools for half a day and spend the other half day at the project centre, where they receive a hot meal, tutorial classes, sports, computer classes, swimming, music, dance, help with homework etc. When necessary they also receive medical help in the  centre’s clinic, school materials, shoes, clothes and any other basic needs they may have. At the centre they also have the opportunity to play and interact with other children.

There are now childcare centres in 3 Ethiopian cities. Besides the 435 children currently looked after in 3 day centres, they run a number of family homes for orphans, and projects for blind children and for needy mothers. Adwa was the most recent project centre of Operation Rescue. It is situated in a poor town, close to the Eritrean border. As a church in recent years we have sent out a number of “teams” to help with the work in both Mekelle and Adwa.


Hello everyone, it is such a blessing to be giving another update on a trip to Ethiopia. During the summer, I had the privilege of returning to Mekelle to volunteer for five weeks in Operation Rescue (ORE). Ore is a Christian based project that provides over 500 children with education. The children go to school for half a day through their sponsorship programme, they then go to ORE to receive a meal and take part in extracurricular activities such as English and Hygiene. Having visited last year for four weeks I was super excited to return and meet the children and staff of ORE, all of whom send their love to the many beloved sponsors and friends of Ballinderry Parish. The project never stops, noises of laughter and shouts as they play various sports continue to be heard throughout the day. Football is not a sport to be taken lightly in the centre and my girly attempts didn’t quite cut it!! This year was very different for both Cherith and I. We were greeted back into ORE as if we were family. Spending time with the teenagers, staff and children was what I feel was our main role for this year. Showing that we cared and loved them in the simplest of ways helped to break down so many barriers. Whether this was helping the cooks in the kitchen or skipping with the children. For many of the children ORE is a place of fun, where they can escape the poverty that they face at home. Every week we had the opportunity to visit some of the children’s homes with the social workers. Families struggling to provide food and who have shortages of water. But families who Jesus cares deeply for. Each family we visited we were able to pray with. I even had the opportunity to share my testimony with two families, they had never heard the gospel message before and it was such a joy to share it with them. Every week we got to share devotions with the children. One of the highlights was asking them “who do they say that Jesus is?”.  Ethiopia’s main religion is orthodox, they pray to
 Mary and Gabriel and do not believe that we need to repent and ask for salvation. So, day after day we tried to show the love of Jesus and show them that Christianity is alive and
 real. We continue to pray that God will speak to these children and that one day they will ask him into their hearts. We ask you to join us in this prayer!  On this trip, accompanied by Getachew we visited the city of Maichew. We met the Mayor and were excited about his welcome for ORE. Pray for Maichew – The vision of a fourth centre is very much on the hearts of the ORE team. Funds continue to come in and we now have over £50,000 banked with another £25,000 pledged over the next 12 months. Getachew is still trying to secure a site in the centre of the city that children can walk to and from. He has rejected two sites which are on the city outskirts. Please continue to pray, as we raise funds in anticipation that God will deliver a site centred in His Will that will bring many blessings in the years ahead to numerous children. So, in closing, God blew us away and we made many great relationships with the children, teenagers and workers in Ethiopia. It is an amazing project that is giving the poorest of children a start in life. But more importantly they are being taught each day about God! It was such a comfort to know that I had my whole church family at home praying for our every need!  For example, with the financial support of Sunday School and many generous parishioners we could purchase forty 25kg sacks of flour for the neediest families. Thank you so much to the Parish of Ballinderry and Trevor for your continued support and prayer. Shannon Boyd God is Good – All the time – God is Good The Sunday school currently sponsors 3 children in the Mekelle project and many other parishoners have chosen to sponsor an ORE child. They receive a regular update on the child’s progress.

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