The Fundraising committee of the church has been working to find new ways of raising much-needed funds to keep God’s work going in our Parish. A number of initiatives will be running and we would love to have as many people as possible in the Parish involved.

If you would like to get involved or have any fundraising ideas, then please let us know.

sweetie jar

Sweetie Jars for Currency

Ever wondered what to do with all that small change that you find in your pockets, or your bag, or even down the sofa? Also, have you come home from holiday with foreign currency and stashed it in a drawer but never used again?

We have a solution.

You can deposit coins or bank notes in sterling, euros or other foreign currency in 3 sweetie jars which can be found in the church porch each Sunday morning.




Unwanted clothing, shoes and handbags can all be recycled to raise funds for the church.

Old mobile phones can also be donated.

Contact us to arrange for item collection/drop off.

Firewood for sale

Trevor Barnes has bags of logs suitable for home fires. Speak to him or one of the wardens if you would like some wood by making a small donation to our Church.

Other Events

Our annual Craft Fair is held each November and has been very successful; it is a great opportunity for fellowship as well as having the chance to buy artisan gifts and produce.

Several sponsored walkers circumnavigated Lurgan Park for money and we aim to have another sponsored walk in 2020