Crosslinks enables everyone to take part in God’s mission. They send people out to help make Christ known and support Christians back home as they play their part.

In 2022, they celebrated 100 years of “Taking God’s word to God’s world! You can learn more at this link  Video- What is Crosslinks?

In five continents and over 30 countries, Crosslinks has long-term mission partners, short-term volunteers and gospel-based projects. All Crosslinks people and projects are involved in frontline evangelism or training pastor teachers.

In the world today, billions of people are living without Christ as their saviour. God has chosen to use his followers to help do something about this.

Crosslinks wants to make it possible for every Christian to get involved with this mission.

Gerald and Louise are passionate about young people knowing Jesus and living lives committed to him.

Gerald and Louise have three boys: Jeremiah, Daniel and James.

You can find regular updates about their work on the Crosslinks website.

On the website you can also read their most current prayer letter and find out how to donate to their work