Gerald and Louise sent an update in early October 2020.

Just a short update!
We are all doing well and getting used to our new normal. James is now 5 weeks old and is growing well. He’s had a cold for 10 days which we hope will go away sometime soon. Thankfully the rest of us got it only briefly. The twins are thrilled with their new baby brother and love giving hugs and kisses.
Prayer points
-Give thanks for the safe arrival of James and the quality of care received at the hospital for both Louise and baby James.
-The twins sleeping has improved and they are adjusting well to the change.
-Gerald will be returning to work after his paternity and annual leave, please pray for that adjustment and for wisdom as he and the team prepare for a possible camp and a smaller TransformD group in January.
-Give thanks that the virus hasn’t caused widespread health problems here but it has had a significant economic impact on many people living on or below the poverty line. Schools will have a phased return starting on 12th October. Do pray for our world in these strange circumstances.
-Our ongoing prayer is for energy and strength and to find our joy in the Lord, life is very busy and tiring in this season!
We pray for you all in these very hard times. Thank you for all the lovely emails and best wishes we received, they are so encouraging!
Love from
Gerald, Louise, Jeremiah, Daniel and James



Our Crosslinks Mission Partners Gerald and Louise Mwangi were in Ballinderry on Sunday 8th September 2019. They brought their twin boys called Jeremiah and Daniel and told us a bit about their work. They both work with iServe Africa.

Gerald leads a discipleship programme called TransformD for young people after they have finished high school. The Kenyan education system has a natural gap from January to August so it is a strategic time to offer a discipleship programme. It means that the young people don’t have to delay their studies and it makes good use of this free time. The programme runs for six months and is held at the iServe Africa premises.

The main focus is to deepen their faith and knowledge of the Bible while also making time for mentorship, life skills and cross-cultural mission training. It includes a month-long mission trip within Kenya. The programme also runs a 500m2 greenhouse to teach about farming, teamwork and the theology of work. The young people leave TransformD better prepared for their next stage of education or employment, stronger in their Christian faith and with some good Christian friendships formed during their time there.

You can find out more about TransformD and give in support of the programme

Below is a link to their updates on Crosslinks website