dsc_0037Introducing our new mission partners with Crosslinks, Gerald and Louise Mwangi

Gerald is Kenyan and Louise is from Northern Ireland.

Both are passionate about young people knowing Jesus and living lives committed to him.
Gerald has had several years of experience in ministering to young people in Kenya, most recently working voluntarily for iServe Africa, a Christian apprenticeship programme for young graduates.

From 2010 to 2014 Gerald studied at Belfast Bible College, followed by completing a Master’s at Union Theological College, Belfast.
Louise is an experienced teacher with a Master’s degree in Education. As well as having taught for six years in Tunbridge Wells, Louise spent a year in Nairobi, training teachers and supporting them in the classroom.
Gerald and Louise moved to Kenya in January 2016. Gerald is managing a gap-year programme that will run alongside iServe Africa’s graduate opportunities. The programme will disciple young people and build their biblical knowledge, as well as teaching them the principles of biblical Christian service. The young people will also work on a farm to enable them to be as self-sufficient as possible; the sales of surplus produce will also help towards the programme’s running costs.

It was great to have them with us in Ballinderry on 18th September to share what they intend to do.
For their first year back in Kenya, Louise will study Swahili at a local language school.  Once competent in the language, Louise hopes to work with vulnerable children in Nairobi, aiming to improve the quality of the education they receive.

Please find below their latest update and August 2017 prayer letter.