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Roots of Endurance

John Newton, Charles Simeon, and William Wilberforce suffered lifelong opposition and endured for the causes of gospel truth, missionary zeal, and political justice.

But these men were far from fragile and can inspire a strength that defies resistance and refuses to yield to bitterness. Like Wilberforce, we too can capture a child-like joy in Christ. We too can learn to long for the “valley of humiliation” as Simeon did, or to follow Newton’s example and revel in utter amazement that the Lord God Almighty would “save a wretch like me”.

This is a book I read some years ago, but delve back into on occasions because of its encouragement to keep on keeping on in the trials of life.

Each of us know times in our lives when we can feel overwhelmed by our personal circumstances, times when it would be all too easy to question whether the battle for the gospel is worth it, and perhaps times when the quiet life seems very inviting.

And yet as you read these little biographies you soon realise that we are never alone in the battles we face in the proclamation of the gospel. Each generation has faced many of the same issues. As you read about Newton, Simeon and Wilberforce you see how in their lives and careers they won through and became powerful witnesses for Christ. Giving up was not an option and as they endured they knew the Lord’s blessing.

It is a book I can heartily recommend.


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