A new format for Sunday School

The Sunday School routine here in Ballinderry will be a little different this year and we are excited for the opportunities that it will give for us to meet as one big Church family.
We are keeping the start time of 10:30 for Sunday School the same, but continuing with the earlier start time for Morning service to coincide.
This means that Sunday School will now start in the Church (not the church hall).
The first portion of the service will focus on our children and then they, with their teachers, will move to the church hall.
The children will have the opportunity to do a range of activities similar to previous years.
They will be picked up at 11:30 from the church hall.
Please be assured that Sunday School teachers will be waiting at the church door every Sunday for your children, and we shall sit together as a Sunday School during our time in church.
On the fourth Sunday of each month, the Sunday School will stay in church for the duration of the Family Service, and will take an active role in leading prayers, praise and reading.
For any further questions or queries please contact Polly on 07736295273.